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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balarama Purnima celebrations at ISKCON Scarborough

August 24th 2010- Tuesday - marks the appearance day of Sri Balarama - elder brother of Lord Krishna

We at ISKCON Scarborough will celebrate Balarama Purnima in a grand manner on August 27th 2010(Friday) at 6.30pm

Lord Balarama is the adi-guru, the original spiritual master. In Caitanya Lila, Lord Balarama appears as Lord Nityananda, the bestower of mercy to even the most fallen conditioned soul. Therefore His appearance as the son of Rohini and Vasudeva is celebrated by devotees with great jubilation.

Balarama-purnima also marks the end of Jhulan-yatra

Various sponsorship opportunities are available on this very auspicious day:
$151- Bhoga offering sponsorship
$151 - Deity outfit sponsorship
$151 - garland for the deities

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