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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

H.H.Bhaktimarga Swami Maharaj will be coming to ISKCON Scarborough coming Friday-15th October 2010

H.H.Bhaktimarga Swami Maharaj will be joining us at ISKCON Scarborough coming Friday-October 15th 2010.

Program starts at 6.30pm with the kirtan followed by Tulasi arti, class by Maharaj followed by Arti at 8pm. Sumptuous prasadam(sanctified food) will be served at 8.30pm.

A warm invitation goes out to you and your family to join us on this day to associate with this senior desciple of Srila Prabhupada

Brief Bio of Maharaj:

Bhaktimarga Swami, famous around the world as the ‘Walking Monk’ was born in Ontario,Canada.
Maharaj joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1973 and later got inittiated by Srila prabhupada
Bhaktimarga Swami achieved a remarkable feat in 1996 when walked on foot cross Canada . Since then has has walked across Canada twice. Maharaj has also walked across other countries like Guyana, Ireland and Fiji.
Maharaj continues to walk around 14 kms a day everyday. While walking, Maharaj does mantra meditation by chanting the Hare krishna Maha mantra all the way.

Maharaj is also world famous for directing and producing inspiring dramas.
He his currently serving as one of the ISKCON GBC’s of Canada

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