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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ISKCON Scarborough's ​5th Annual Jagannath Festival - Saturday 19th Aug 2017 at the Milliken Park, Scarborough, Canada

Hare Krishna!
Please accept our humble obeisances!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

ISKCON Scarborough's 5th Annual Jagannath Festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday 19th Aug 2017 at the Milliken Park, Scarborough (McCowan & Steeles).
This grand event is free for everyone and includes a diverse assortment of multicultural activities for the entire family. The focus of this year is to make the stage programs newcomer friendly.

There will be several tents in the park where you can get your face painted beautifully, apply henna to your hands/palms and you will also find cook books, ancient Vedic texts and nice framed pictures.

The Merciful Supreme Lord of the Universe - Lord Jagannath and His brother Lord Baladeva and their sister Subhadra Devi will be coming out of the temple to the Park to give their unlimited blessings.

The highlight of the event is the distribution of free vegetarian feast/free water for everyone throughout the day starting at 11 am.

The current Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and the Mayor of Toronto John Tory have sent their personal congratulatory messages for organizing this 5th Annual Jagannath Festival.

The dignitaries for the event include Dr.Raymond Cho - Member of Provincial Parliament and Mr.Doug Ford - A Canadian businessman and politician.

We are grateful to ATN for confirming the coverage of the event.

Spreading the message about the event:
Devotees have been spreading the message about this upcoming event through door to door flyer distribution & affixing the flyers at various grocery/Department stores.
Advertisements are ongoing through 102.7 East FM and through Geethavaani radio stations.
There are also full page advertisements in local Tamil newspapers - Thangadeepam, Udayan and Senthamarai.

The Highlight of all the advertisements is that, three Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses that originate at the Markham area are plying everyday with the Jagannath Festival information at the back of the buses.

There is also a Billboard in the major intersection of Markham and Finch area that carries the message about the upcoming Jagannath Festival.
We kindly request you to spread the message about this event so that everyone can come to Milliken park on Aug 19th to partake the blessings of the Lordship.

The program schedule is as follows:

  • Jagannath Parade at the Milliken park - 11 am to 11.45 am.
  • Welcome address, VIP introduction, and inauguration - 12 noon to 12.30 pm.
  • 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm - Multicultural  activities

Bharatanatyam dance performance with focus on Lord Krsna. This is a major genre of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu, India.The theoretical foundations of Bharatanatyam are found in Natya Shastra, the ancient Hindu text of performance arts.

Kuchipudi dance oriented towards Lord Krsna.  Kuchipudi, a pre-eminent Indian classical dance form counted among ten leading classical dance forms of India, is a dance-drama performance art that originated in a village of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Amazing magic show - Lord Krsna is the master of all mystics (BG 18.78). Through this fabulous magic show, one gets to see the small spark of Lord Krsna's unlimited mysticism.

Chinese Lion dance - to attract the people of Chinese descent, a wonderful Chinese dance performance will be performed on the stage. Devotees naturally think of Lord Narasimhadev who appeared as a half man, half lion incarnation.

Dhol Drumming - The dhol is a double-sided barrel drum played mostly as an accompanying instrument in regional music forms.The dhol is played using one or two wooden sticks, usually made out of bamboo and cane wood. The dhol is slung over the neck of the player with a strap usually made up of woven cotton.

Sitar performance - Anwar Khurshid is a sitar maestro who is a two time JUNO award nominee who has composed music that featured in the Oscar-winning film "Life of Pi". He will playing special Bhajans on the stage. Originally from Pakistan, Anwar now makes Canada his home, regularly collaborating with musicians from other genres including Blues, Jazz, African, Middle Eastern, and Asian music, and has performed across Europe, USA and Asia.

Soul stirring kirtan/Bhajans - Throughout the day, you will float in the waves of transcendental kirtan /bhajans on the main stage.

Please see attached flyer/pictures/park plan for further details.

We warmly welcome you, your family and friends to take part in the festivities on Saturday - Aug 19th 2017.

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