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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

ISKCON Scarborough - 10th Annual Jagannath Festival - Saturday - 13th Aug 2022

ISKCON Scarborough's 10th Annual Jagannath Festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday -13th Aug 2022 at the Milliken Park, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (McCowan & Steeles).

This grand event is free for everyone and includes a diverse assortment of multicultural activities for the entire family. The focus of this year is to make the stage programs newcomer friendly.

There will be several stage performances as well as tents in the park where attendees can get their face painted beautifully, apply henna to their hands/palms and there will also be several cookbooks & ancient Vedic texts.

The highlight of the event is the distribution of free vegetarian feast/free water for everyone throughout the day starting at 11 am.

Several dignitaries will be taking part in this annual event.

The parade starts inside the Milliken Park at 11 am and the VIP introduction/ inauguration is scheduled to take place at 12 noon.

We kindly request you to spread the message about this event so that everyone can come to Milliken Park on Aug 13th 2022 to partake the blessings of the Lordship.

Stay tuned for further updates

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