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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Topics of discussion during the Vaishnava Ettiquette classes

Hare Krishna,

Here are the subject matters that are being discussed by Bhakti Yoga prabhu during his ongoing seminars on Vaishnava Etiquette at ISKCON Scarborough every Thursday evening

We are inviting all devotees to participate in these ongoing sessions to understand the esoteric meanings behind each of these transendental subject matters

1 Brief introduction on the importance
2 The Essence

1 Etiquette within the Temple
A) Being Humble
B) Offering Obeisances
C) Meditating upon the Deity
D) Sitting
E) Talking
F) Dress and appearance
1. Tilaka
2. Hair
3. Kaìöhi Mälä (Tulasé Neck beads)
4. Moustache and beard
G) Cleanliness and hygiene
H) General behaviour
I) Attending class
J) Attending ärati
K) Honouring mahä-prasädam/Nirmälya
i) flowers, garlands
ii) Caranämåta
iii) Ghee lamp
iv) Deities' clothing
v) Mahä-prasädam

2 Other Etiquettes
A) Handling sacred items
B) Personal habits
C) Kértana
D) Dancing
E) Speech
F) Preaching

3 Prasädam

4 Kitchen

Appendix - I (Praëäma Mantras)
Appendix - II (Offering Obeisances)
Appendix - III (Applying Tilaka)
Appendix - IV (Prema Dhvani Prayers)
Appendix - V (Prayers for offering bhoga)
Appendix - VI (Prasädam prayers)

1 Honouring and serving prasädam
A) Serving prasädam
B) Honouring prasädam
C) Rules for eating and for drinking water
D) Food quantity
E) After the meal

1 Dealings with different categories of devotees
A) Three categories of devotees
B) Dealings with the Spiritual Master
C) Dealing with seniors
D) Dealings with Godbrothers
E) Dealings with ladies
F) Dealings with guests
G) Addressing Vaiñëavas
H) Dealings with other Vaiñëavas
I) Vaiñëavas not to be seen from material viewpoint
J) Body of Vaiñëavas is a temple
K) Mercy of Vaiñëavas is necessary
L) Loving exchanges between Vaiñëavas

2. Dealings with non-devotees

Appendix - VII (Reception of guests)

1 Sädhanä
A) Chanting the Holy Name (Japa)
B) Four regulative principles
C) Associating with devotees
D) Avoiding non-devotees
E) Reading
F) Devotional service
G) Deity worship
H) Austerity
I) Favourable principles and Unfavourable
J) Brähmaëas
K) Importance of time

Appendix - VIII (Significance of Païca – Tattva Mantra)
Appendix - IX (Ten offenses against the Holy Name)
Appendix - X (Offering Ärati)
Appendix - XI (Observing Ekädaçé vrata)

1 Visiting Holy places
2 The ten offenses against the Holy Dhäma

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